2358 B Old Springville Rd Centerpoint, AL 35215 205-540-3298
Amani Motors Buy Here Pay Here Checklist:
  1. Completed credit application
  2. Proof of income. Acceptable forms are
    • a). Current pay stub and/or
    • b). Current bank statement showing deposits
  3. Name and phone number of supervisor at work
  4. A valid driver’s license
  5. Current power bill AND phone bill indicating your home address
  6. 5 references. At least 3 must be non-family members

Full coverage on vehicle being purchased. The policy must indicate Amani Motors as the Loss Payee before you can drive off the car lot. Address: 2358 B Old Springville Road, Center point, AL 35215


Please let us know if you have filed for bankruptcy within the last 3 years and if so, have consulted with an attorney about it in the notes section at the bottom. Application CANNOT be processed without this information.

Vehicle Information

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